Package Overview

Training materials are structured around four (4) Units and eleven (11) Elements

Unit 1:      The refugee experience and its impact on new arrivals.

Element 1.1    Identify aspects of the Refugee Experience and the impact they have on New Arrivals
Element 1.2    Identify attributes of new and emerging communities in Australia.
Element 1.3    Recognise the impact of the refugee experience on settlement in Australia.
Element 1.4    The impact of the refugee's experience of torture and trauma on settlement in Australia

Unit 2:      Engaging with refugee communities.

Element 2.1   Identify strategies to engage new and emerging refugee communities
Element 2.2   Identify successful techniques for using interpreters

Unit 3:      Food Issues for Refugees in countries of origin and Australia.

Element 3.1   Knowledge of familiar foods and eating patterns in countries of origin.
Element 3.2   The impact of the Australian experience on food access and consumption.

Unit 4:      Nutrition issues for refugees and their effect on health.

Element 4.1   Identify the links between diet and health within a cultural context
Element 4.2   Identify the specific nutrition issues for refugees and their effect on health.
Element 4.3   Breastfeeding and the introduction of solids in refugee communities