Evaluation Tools

A range of evaluation tools have been developed to assist your facilitation and assessment of workshop processes.

These include;

Participant Evaluation Form

This form is for you to obtain feedback from your participants. You may wish to adapt this to suit your own needs.

Facilitator Evaluation Form

This form will assist you in evaluating your own capacity as facilitator. We would be interested in receiving a copy of this evaluation as it will assist in the ongoing refinement of the training materials.

This evalution can be faxed to (08) 9227 2777 at your convenience (attention Good Food for New Arrivals)

Participant/ Facilitator  Reflection Form

This form provides a process for both facilitators and participants who are thinking about using the materials to determine what they need to do. It can assist in justifying the use of the materials, to argue for expenditure and to ensure there is consideration regarding practicalities of implementation. It encourages both facilitators and participants to think about what they are doing and why, before they do it.