Fact Sheets

Element 1.1      Identify aspects of the refugee experience and the impact they have on new arrivals.

Fact Sheet 1     Definitions of Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Fact Sheet 2     Migrants definitions and categories
Fact Sheet 3     Humanitarian Entrants Background Information
Fact Sheet 4     Australia's Humanitarian Program
Fact Sheet 5     Integrated Humanitarian Settlement Strategy
Fact Sheet 6     Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Element 1.2     Identify attributes of new and emerging communities in Australia.

Fact Sheet 7    New and Emerging Communities

Element 2.1     Identifing successful techniques for using interpreters

Fact Sheet 8    Working with Interpreters

Element 2.2      Identify strategies to engage new and emerging refugee communities.

Fact Sheet 9     Community Contacts

Element 3.1      Knowledge of familiar foods and eating patterns in countries of origin.

Fact Sheet 10   Factors that affect food choices for migrants
Fact Sheet 11   Finding Familiar Foods (note: relevant to Perth, WA only)
Fact Sheet 12   Africa: List of Common Foods
Fact Sheet 13   Middle East: List of Common Foods
Fact Sheet 14   South Sudan Food Information Summary
Fact Sheet 15   Summary of Religious Food Requirements
Fact Sheet 16   Information that may be required for culturally relevant diet and lifestyle interventions

Element 3.2      The impact of the Australian experience on food access and consumption

Fact Sheet 5      Integrated Humanitarian Settlement Strategy

Element 4.1       Identify the links between diet and health within a cultural context

Fact Sheet 17    Traditional Eating Patterns
Fact Sheet 18    What's on the Menu

Element 4.2       Identify the specific nutrition issues for refugees and their effect on health

Fact Sheet 19    What is Hunger?
Fact Sheet 20    Malnutrition
Fact Sheet 21    Poor Appetite
Fact Sheet 22    Iron Deficiency Anaemia
Fact Sheet 23   Vitamin D deficiency
Fact Sheet 24   Calcium
Fact Sheet 25   Food Security

Element 4.3      Breastfeeding and the introduction of solids in refugee communities

Fact Sheet 26   Breastfeeding
Fact Sheet 27   Breastmilk
Fact Sheet 28   Cultural Beliefs about Breast feeding and the Introduction of Solid Food