Listed below are the resources as described in each Unit of this training package.

We recommend you also visit to view the full range of materials developed for Good Food for New Arrivals.

Element 1.1

Settlement information

Refugee stories'S%20STORY%20Book%209%20.pdf

Promoting refugee health

Photocopies of the World Map

Element 1.2

New and emerging communities

Cultural Competencies
Cultural Competencies Discussion Paper (Dec 2006)

Achieving Rapport

Hogan, C. (2007) Facilitating Multicultural Groups, Kogan and Page: London

Video Clip: A Refugee Camp in the Heart of the City


Element 2.2

Consulting Citizens

Sharing Power
Burns, G. W. (2001) 101 Healing Stories, New York: John Wiley and Sons


Element 3.1

Developing skills in questioning

Food Cards

Element 3.2

Food Cards

"Ayen's Cooking School for African Men"

Cooking Rice rice/vqN7dZ3Nptm14wiFt7RkXA

Variety of food samples


Element 4.1

Food Security
Burns, C., Webster, K., Crotty, P., Ballinger, M., Vincenzo, R. and Rozman, M. 2000 Easing the Transition: Food and Nutrition Issues of New Arrivals, Health Promotion Journal of Australia, Vol 10, No 3, pp. 230-235, VicHealth, Australia
Cortes D, Rogler L & Malgady R 1994 ‘Biculturality among Puerto Rican adults in the United States' electronic version, American Journal of Community Psychology, vol 22 no 5 pp 707-21.

Renzaho AM & Burns C 2006 ‘Post-migration food habits of sub-Saharan African migrants in Victoria: a cross sectional study' Electronic version. Nutrition and Dietetics, vol 63 no 2 pp 91-102

Renzaho, A. and Burns, C. 2003 More, more, more: food, fat and African refugee and migrant children, Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition: Proceedings of the Nutrition Society of Australia, Blackwell Publishing Asia, Australia
Satia-Abouta J, Patterson RE, Neuhouser ML, & Elder J 2002, ‘Dietary acculturation:application to nutrition research and dietetics', electronic version, Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Vol. 102, no 8 pp 1105-18

Traditional eating patterns

Food Beliefs                                                                                         

Australian Guide to Healthy Eating

Copies of Yellow Pages
Copies of menus from local (mulitcultural restaurants)

Element 4.2

Camp Rations

Food Cards

UV beads
Assortment of coloured beads (available from craft stores)
Elastic, scissors

Element 4.3

Department of Health WA. Child and Antenatal Nutrition
A guide for community and child health professionals
6th ed. Perth: Department of Health,WA. 2007

Infant Feeding Resources

A Guide to Discussing Infant Feeding Practices in Newly Arrived Refugees (poster)

Assisting Refugee Mothers New to Australia with Infabt Feeding Issues (booklet)

Bottle to Cup (English)

Bottle to Cup (Dari)

Bottle to Cup (Swahili)

Bottle to Cup (Arabic)