Training Materials

Training materials are structured around four (4) Units and eleven (11) Elements

 Within each Element there are links to other relevant sections, references and other resource materials.

Facilitation Notes have been developed for each Element. These Notes will support people undertaking group activities and include information about the process of the training session or workshop. Facilitators are encouraged to choose the activities most relevant for the group. It is recommended that at least one activity from each step of the training sequence is undertaken.

Handouts are included for use with specific activities.

Fact Sheets provide information about specific issues. They can be accessed independently of the training materials and are a valuable resource to different Elements.

Other resources are listed as relevant to the Element.

You may also wish to visit to view the complete range of resources developed for GFNA.

A PowerPoint Presentation has also been created for each Element.
Each Element is structured to include the following:

  • Introduction to the Element  (including learning outcomes, previous knowledge required and Range Statement)
  • Awareness activities that increase awareness of each individual's culture
  • Knowledge activities in which information relevant to each Element is accessed, investigated, explored and discussed
  • Skills activities that develop skills in working with refugees, interpreters and culturally appropriate resources
  • Encounters that apply the knowledge and skills developed
  • Self-reflection/evaluation activities that encourage participants to assess their own learning and identify further needs.

For each Element there are activities which address different performance criteria. This gives you, the trainer, a choice of activities for each step of the learning process.