Element 1.2

Identify attributes of new and emerging communities in Australia.


Facilitation Notes


This Element is designed to increase understanding of the challenges faced by new arrivals to Australia who not only experience differences in cultural, social, economic, legal and political environments, but also have limited community support due to the small numbers and newness of their communities in Australia.

Previous Knowledge

None required, however, this module builds on Element 1.1 and you may find some of the material under that section helpful.

Range statement

  • New and Emerging communities continually arise and are different in different areas of Australia. Information about communities can be found at http://www.immi.gov.au
  • New and Emerging communities have different needs from more established communities, and those needs may be different depending on the experiences prior to settlement in Australia.

Performance Criteria

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify support mechanisms that facilitate community engagement.
  • Describe some differences between an established community and new and emerging communities.
  • Identify some of their own tendencies to stereotyping and discrimination.
  • Be able to use the Describe, Investigate, Evaluate process for reflecting on their own perceptions
  • Be able to use the Care for, Match and Pace process for achieving rapport.
  • Be able to identify new and emerging communities in a specific location.

Overview of Activities

The material provided is designed to mix and match so that activities can be chosen to best meet the needs of different groups and training time frames.

It is RECOMMENDED that at least one activity is included for each stage of the learning process.

Learning ProcessActivitySuggested Time


Welcome, introduction, outline of Element

15 mins


Personal support mechanisms

20 minutes


Differences between established and new and emerging communities

30 minutes

Skill Development

Stereotyping - My new name
Dealing with perceptions
Achieving rapport - What makes your heart sing?

20 minutes
20 minutes
20 minutes


Identification of new and emerging communities
20 minutes


 Supporting a new and emerging community
20 minutes

Training Materials

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet 7 New and Emerging Communities

Powerpoint Presentation

Power Point Presentation

Training Sequence

Training Sequence


Settlement information as appropriate for the group


Access information on numbers, countries and types of new communities occurring in the locality of the session. http://www.settlement.immi.gov.au/settlement/enterSelectReport.do
Alter the slide presentation to include relevant statistics.
Read the Cultural Competencies Discussion Paper (Dec 2006)
Cultural Competencies Discussion Paper

Collect some unusual objects or look at the pictures in the slides
For example:

  • Aboriginal message stick or musical click sticks
  • A Jewish mezuzah (container nailed to a doorpost containing a parchment with words from the Torah)
  • An earpick or wax remover spoon
  • A grater
  • Sticky rice baskets from Lao PDR
  • Khipus, Peruvian knotted cards for accounting and recording events.